These days, the noise pollution has reached the point of being impossible to tolerate. Everywhere you look frontier law is celebrating a massive comeback, and the louder you shout your wannabe-two-cents from your favored platform.

Lodown’s SAVAGES is taking on creation that couldn’t care less about the obscene popularity contests of now, looking at artists with a vision fueled by originality, subversion, talent and civil disobedience.

SAVAGES offers another ambiguous look an the leftfield side of pop culture and contemporary art.
Highlights of our SAVAGES issue include…

- RICKY POWELL... (RIP) It’s probably a truism, and doubly true for those of us invested in the idea of culture, that when we finally go, we have a nagging fear that others will eulogize us with half-baked notions about who we were, what we cared about, what we brought to the party. A lot of empty pontificating, getting the important details all wrong. Well, lemme tell you, Ricky wasn’t just interested or invested in culture, it was his
lifeblood, his *‘raisin dead rat’*. Rest In Peace, brother!

- WHY EBAY... Every once in a while you get introduced to the work of an emerging artist that immediately makes you reflect on why you fell in love with graffiti, graphic design, fashion and getting inked in the first place. It is as if you suddenly got invited to observe things from an edge, wondering when and why you suddenly stopped to rethink - or think ahead - the many possibilities these mediums offer while admiring the audacity, presumed playful easiness and variety of ideas on display. And one of these artists goes by the capricious name of Why Ebay.

- RICHARD KERN... There are quite a few protagonists that portrayed the seedy underground of NYC in the 80s, and East Village-based Richard Kern certainly is one of the most prominent ones. As a filmmaker he was one of the driving forces behind the Cinema of Transgression, for which he explored hysteria, sex, drugs and violence through the punk rock lens - topics he committed to for a large part of his professional career as a photographer as well.

- CALI THORNHILL DEWITT... Creating subversions of the American flag. Being a roadie for grunge royalty. Running a publishing house. Doing radio. Preparing for solo-exhibitions worldwide. Running a record label. Actually, the creative endeavors of celebrated artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt are too numerous to list, but it’s safe to state that the collaboration with Abloh and Kanye a few years back might have been the moment that catapulted his name into the mainstream consciousness once and for all.

- plus more elaborate features and visual awesomeness from the likes of: Marta Blue, Mark Mulroney, Clamm, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Icy & Sot, Dry Cleaning, Matt Hansel, Mike Osborne, Djinn and many others.